How to Move with Kids, Presented by Harrington

Moving with kids can be a challenge. There’s the anxiety about changing schools and leaving friends, of getting acclimated to a new sleeping arrangement, and the general discomfort with big changes. Although its not always easy to move with kids, there are some great ways you can make the process go smoothly, and to help them even enjoy it. Harrington Moving & Storage shares a few tips below.

Harrington Moving & Storage has been moving families for some seventeen years, and is no stranger to the kinds of worries families with children–from toddler to teenage–go through. Jeff Harrington, CEO of Harrington Moving & Storage, as a father himself, understands parents in their quest to make the process of moving with children go smoothly. Thus, Harrington has compiled the following list of tips to mitigate the stress children may feel when contemplating leaving the home they love.

  1. Family Meeting: Having a family meeting in which you present that fact that you plan on moving is crucial. Sit everyone down in a comfortable place, and present the move in a positive light.
  2. Explore: Learn about the new area you are moving to and tell the kids about the attractions it offers (big baseball field, ice cream place, etc)
  3. Get Feedback: Make your kids feel that they are involved in the moving process, and that their opinion is taken into account. Ask how they feel, and what they think about the new home. Include them in family discussions, especially if they are teenagers.
  4. Sorting: Make sorting through clutter a bonding activity. Most likely, you will be going through boxes of sentimental items, so you may be able to find an opportunity to have a special moment with your child/children discussing precious memories.
  5. Yard Sale: Kids are generally fans of yard sales–it’s exciting for them to see neighbors come over to the event, and for them to even make a bit of cash. Plus, having a yard sale is a great way to de-clutter before the move.
  6. Decorate: Involve your child/children in the decorating processes. If you’re repainting the walls in the new home, ask the kids what colors they like, where they imagine their bed standing, where they imagine playing with their toys, etc. Try to make the idea of moving a fun, exciting, and creative project for your child/children.
  7. Party: You may want to consider having some sort of farewell party to help the kids feel connected with their friends. You can call it a “See You Later” party so that you can encourage your child/children to stay in touch with friends.

Harrington Moving & Storage prides itself on its ability to make people feel at ease during the move, and in its special experience in moving families with children. In fact, Harrington even has special moving boxes designed for kids to stimulate their imagination and to make moving fun. The boxes, which don’t require taping, are printed with all sorts of puzzles and games, and even come with a package of coloring markers. Thus, your child can quickly transform the box into their very own special treasure chest. Jeff Harrington, who is pleased to offer this personal touch to the moving process, shares the following: “The box is just waiting for your child’s imagination to run wild…What I find comforting for the kids is the idea that they can put their little treasures inside during this period of transition.”

Harrington cares for each and one of its clients, and recognizes that the moving process can be an emotional one. At the same time, moving offers new and exciting beginnings, and stimulates us to take advantage of new opportunities. If you’re considering moving with your child/children, then let Harrington Moving & Storage join you in your journey, and do all it can to make it pleasant and exciting.

About Harrington Moving & Storage
Harrington Moving & Storage was founded in 1996, and has since moved thousands of families and business to their new homes or offices. The company specializes in moving families with children, as well as senior citizen moving. Harrington, based in Maplewood, New Jersey, conducts in-state, national, and international moves. Please learn more about Harrington Moving & Storage by visiting the company on Facebook.

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